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  • We understand due to lockdown situation, machines need precautionary measures during Power OFF condition and also before start up after lockdown period is over in order to be ready for production. Machine Tool Stores prepared support procedure for our customers, kindly go through and please share it to your team members and customers.


List of activities to be remembered before and after Long Power Off! for FANUC CNC

Before Power OFF:

  1. Command or move all axis including other additional axis related to turret/ATC/APC/etc., to their respective reference position
  2. Prepare a quality CF card/USB and collect the SRAM Backup of the controller.
  3. Switch OFF the Machine Power and remove the batteries on the Machine Controller and the amplifier unit (or) If you unable to remove the backup batteries please leave in place. Incase of brand new batteries installed just before long shut down period, no need to remove the same from controller or amplifier unit.
  4. Store the CF Card data backup in your Laptop/Computer/Server for safety, not to remove or delete the data content from CF card for additional safety.
  5. Backup Batteries with proper identification to be stored in safe location and ensure not exposed to direct sunlight and high temperature/humidity.
  6. Ensure locking of Controller cabinets and all cable inlets are blocked/sealed to avoid foreign particle entry.

Before Power ON:

  1. Avoid using bare hands to touch the machine elements and ensure electrical isolated for human safety. Please practice proper safety measures like use of safety goggles, hand gloves and wear safety shoes.
  2. Visually inspect the machine condition in and around, ensure no abnormalities, if any found to be abnormal please act on the same before Power On.
  3. Please open the machine electrical and operator panel, visually inspect to ensure all the cables and wires are intact, if it has suffered any physical damage due to external causes please act on the same before Power On.
  4. At this stage, ensure Machine supplier recommendations are fulfilled before proceeding further.
  5. Check the Machine incoming power supply using Multimeter at the input of Main Power On/Off breaker. Ensure the voltage levels as applicable are within limits 220/415VAC ±10% and the ground voltage to be <3VAC.
  6. Turn the Machine Main Power breaker to ON position and again ensure the voltage levels are within limits.


After Power ON:

  1. Check the controller and operator panel for any foul smell or electrical sparking/arcing. If yes, not to be panic please immediately turn OFF machine input supply breaker. Inform the machine supplier about your findings and avail support to avoid any further damage to the machine elements.
  2. After safe Power ON, please check the controller display Screen and Amplifier units LED display for status. If any alarm noticed, ensure to collect the picture of the same and report to Machine Tool Stores.
  3. Turn OFF the machine power supply Breaker, if backup batteries already removed, please restore them in the respective location and ensure their connections are intact.
  4. Place the CF Card/USB with the respective machine data to memory card slot/USB port on the LCD screen and ensure correct orientation to avoid damages to ports.
  5. Turn ON the controller by pressing the combination keys and restore the SRAM data to the controller
  6. After successful Power ON and SRAM data restoration, Ensure no alarm on the screen jog the axis only in MPG mode at very low resolution of 0.001mm. Move each axis by ±20mm.
  7. If you notice any of the APC alarm like 300, 306,307,308, etc.,. Its sign of axis reference position lost, please establish axis reference positions as per the machine manufacture recommendation.
  8. If no alarm during manual motion, perform each axis reference in 25% rapid rate as per axis order mention in the machine manual.
  9. Physically rotate the spindle and ensure smooth, careful sharp edges may damage your hands. Try command the spindle with 100RPM for M03 & M04 in MDI mode. Allow it to run for minimum of 3 minutes and ramp-up in increment of 500RPM until it reaches maximum limits. Any alarm please stop the spindle and fix the trouble.
  10. After successful initial power up, it’s time to warmup your machine with standard program provided by machine manufacture. If you notice any trouble during warmup cycle, please try fixing it.

Now Machine Ready for Operation! 

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